Excem Technologies Supplies Carrier Class solutions to Large Operators: Telefónica Group, Orange Group, Vodafone Group, and Portugal Telecom Group.
Our solutions mainly originate in Israel and China, countries where we have permanent Technology Sourcing delegations.
Excem provides Technical Pre-sales, Customer Intelligence and Technical Support (in Spain) services, with delegations in Vigo and Barcelona.


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Excem Real Estate assists investors in buying, developing, repositioning and/or reselling real estate assets, focusing on value creation through expert management and on maximizing the investment’s return.


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Excem Grupo is at the vanguard of international technological and financial development. As a result, Excem Grupo has partnered with Israel’s OurCrowd in the set up and management of OurCrowd Iberia. OurCrowd is the leading global equity crowdfunding platform for international tech startups for accredited investors. Managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals and led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved, OurCrowd vets and selects companies, invests its own capital, and invites its accredited membership of investors and institutional partners to invest alongside in these opportunities. OurCrowd provides support to its portfolio companies, assigns industry experts as mentors, and creates growth opportunities through its network of strategic multinational partnerships. The OurCrowd community consists of almost 20,000 accredited investors from over 112 countries. OurCrowd has raised over $500M and invested in 130 portfolio companies and funds. OurCrowd already has sixteen exits to date,two IPOs and fourteen acquisitions. Excem Grupo president David Hatchwell Altaras is also a member of OurCrowd’s International Advisory Board.
To join OurCrowd as an accredited investor, visit: ourcrowd.com.


Over forty years of experience in international markets provides Excem with in-depth knowledge and solid relationships, assisting companies in their penetration and consolidation of new markets. Excem covers its services in the European, Chinese, American and Israeli markets.
Excem offers its consultancy services in the following areas:
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Excem’s decades of accumulated experience in the Telecommunications sector, confers a deep knowledge and a privileged vision to our Telecom Consulting Area.

Years of involvement with international vendors of recognized prestige together with our professionalism and tenacity have allowed for many experiences and successes. Consequently, our Strategic Business Advisory Service has great credibility in the market. We call it CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE.

What does our client need? What is their objective? What alternatives exist and in what time frame should the decisions be taken?

Our comprehensive knowledge of the local market players gives us a unique knowledge of the conditioning factors and distinct objectives of the different divisions within the same client. Our knowledge of major international trends acquired by acting in the international markets and listening to both our customers and our innovative suppliers keeps us ahead of the curve. Together this market intelligence allows us to propose value added solutions and opportunities that translate into commercial commitments for our clients.

We source both market leaders as well as innovative disruptors in the international markets. We have on the ground sourcing in the most relevant markets for technological development including Israel and China, which provide us with a constant source of innovation to the great satisfaction of our clients.

Our team is built on the diverse experience of senior management level professionals from the telecom sector including the large operators, consultants and vendors.

With more than 30 years of presence in this sector, our key markets include Spain and the entire international territory of TELEFONICA and VODAFONE. We also have a strong presence in the French market through diverse activity within ORANGE (via TRACY, our sister company based in Paris).

Our technology partners in the delivery of value are prestigious multinationals including ZTE, Siemens, Huawei, Amdocs, Comverse, Siae and NEC. Our business model in the Consulting division is based on the commercial success of our technology partners.

Excem Technologies is dedicated to the Distribution of technology in the telecommunication sector for the last 15 years and is a subsidiary of EXCEM Group. Its activity includes the installation, integration and maintenance of solutions for our clients. Our unique differentiator and sweet spot is found at the intersection of Telecommunication and Security solutions.

Our Distribution and Consultancy models are fully complementary.



  • Consultancy services in M&A and financial restructuring operations in various sectors.
  • Excem collaborates actively with various international financial institutions.
  • Promotion of venture capital investment vehicles and the search for the necessary funds.
  • With a solid reputation built over twenty years working in different geographic jurisdictions, EXCEM develops creative strategies that provide proven results in the Public Affairs area.
  • Our clients hire us in order to design and implement successful action items regarding specific challenges as well as to effectively improve their communication strategies.
  • Our range of activities reach all aspects of the public-policy-making process, touching both the legislative and the executive fields of the Administration.
    Excem’s success is based on being close to our customers, understanding their challenges and combining a wide experience with proven problem solving abilities.